Skilled Nursing

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Our skilled nursing services are led by Registered Nurses dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients. Our nurses are experienced and well trained to deliver the care. Care is coordinated with the patient's physician and is provided in the comfort of the patient's home.

Our Patients recover plan encompasses educating both the patient and the family members. Our nurses assess, observe, treat, advise and teach with the goal of giving everyone involved the tools necessary to manage patient care. All intermittent, skilled nursing services are provided. These include:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment. 
  • Management & Evaluation of Patient Care Plan. 
  • Teaching of Disease Process & Medication. 
  • Diabetic Care. 
  • Wound Care. 
  • IV Therapy. 
  • Medical/Surgical Care. 
  • Ostomy Care. 
  • Pain management. 
  • PT/INR Ratio monitors. 
  • Catheter Care/changes. 
  • Nutritional care. 
  • Insulin Administration. 
  • Home Safety Evaluation & Emergency Education. 
  • Interaction with patient's family/caregiver regarding patient care. 
  • Evaluate patient and communicate to physician regarding changes in patient's condition.