about 4Our therapists uses the latest techniques and equipment to assist the patient to achieve the most complete possible recovery in the shortest period of time. Rehabilitation in the home allows for continued medical treatment in a comfortable and homely environment. Our therapists work with physicians to meet the rehabilitative needs of our patients for a complete recovery.

Physical Therapy :

  • Assist patient with therapeutic exercises. 
  • Balance and gait training. 
  • Endurance and strengthening exercise. 
  • Prosthetic training for patients with amputations. 
  • Muscle re-education. 
  • Home modification adjustments. 
  • Instruction for proper use of assistive devices. 
  • Home safety evaluation. 
  • Rehabilitation and personalized therapy program. 
  • Coordination with patient's physician for the plan of treatment. 


Occupational Therapy :

  • Re train for self care skills such as Feeding, Bathing, Personal, Hygiene, Dressing, Grooming and Toileting.  
  • Improve fine motor skills enhancement.  
  • Fabricate splints and casts for positioning,protection,spasticity,and range of motion. 
  • Upper body strengthening exercises.  
  • Implement therapeutic program to improve level of independence of patient.  
  • Educate the patient about joint protection and energy conservation.  
  • Evaluate safety conditions in the home and needs for adaptive equipment.  


Speech Therapy :

    • Assess patient's rehabilitation needs with regards to speech and language disorders
    • Improve receptive and expressive speech and language skills
    • Enhance cognitive language skills
    • Assist to improve patient's ability to independently carry out communicative activities
    • Swallowing therapy and dysphasia treatment
    • Coordinate with patient's physician for the plan of treatment
    • Instruct patient, family or caregiver in therapeutic procedures